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managed services

It maintenance

With proactive network monitoring, centralized all support calls, 24/7 coverage, and desktop optimization performed regularly, we can fix problems before they can negatively affect your business, and ensure the future growth of your company.

cloud services

delivered on demand over the internet

Our cloud services consist of scalable, IT-driven services, which we deliver on an “as-a-service” basis to our external clients, leveraging on digital technologies.

voip services

Voice Over IP Services

Our simple and easy to use portal makes it easy for you to manage the control settings of all your Enterprise Telephones using our simplified web interface. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and reliable VoIP services.

data backup and recovery

it database backup services

Your data is important and has to be well protected because it contains sensitive information you can’t afford to lose. Reliable data protection requires a unified backup and recovery approach.

We can offer you TeamViewer quick support for remote support

How does our company works?

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  1. Creative Security Solutions
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